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Executive Director

My name is Jake Cole and I am the Executive Producer of R-C Productions Media. I have had a passion for film since I was a child and was brought up to appreciate the art of film making. In addition to my many years of filmmaking I also have over a decade of editing experience with the Adobe Suites such as Adobe Premiere CC, Adobe After Effects CC, Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe Audition CC. I also have experience with Cinema4D and Sony Vegas Pro. 

I have produced, written, directed, and edited a television show called the Akron Avengers, a local hit superhero show on ZTV. I have also written, directed, and edited content for the Emmy© Award winning sketch comedy show Akron After Hours in my time at ZTV as well as hosted two episodes of 300 Seconds of Science. Since working with ZTV I have networked myself to do outside business with different people and companies who have absolutely loved the content I have provided for them. Please see the "Projects Portfolio" section for some of the my latest projects I have produced.

It is my mission for this company to expand and continue the tradition of producing great content for years and years to come. Our mantra is Creative Media Solutions because we make top quality media content for businesses big and small.

Please feel free to contact me for inquiries, collaborations, or consultations at:


Thank You!